Security And Safety

Security and Safety are our top priorities!

We offer a High Security Tracking product, utilizing route-based Geo-fencing and GPS Tracking system on all company trucks and chassis. Our facilities and processes have been reviewed and certified to meet the security and safety standards of many of the largest global logistics companies. Our strategically located terminal is operated under the highest security features:

  • 24/7 remote monitoring

  • CCTV Surveillance

  • Security Guards on site

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Safety on the road and in our facilities is a very important focus area at Pacifica. We believe in utilizing stringent safety practices as it promotes business growth and efficiency. Our commitment to safety and compliance includes:

  • Experienced safety professionals

  • High standards in driver selection

  • Intensive new hire and ongoing training

  • Remote braking and speed monitoring of trucks

  • In-depth systematic equipment inspections

  • Policies and procedures established to exceed federal and state regulations

  • We are a drug and alcohol FREE workplace